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Bhiwani is located in the state of Haryana. It was founded by the king neem who named it on his wife bhani, which later changed into the name of Bhiwani. The place is also very well known as “chota kasha” because of the presence of as many as 36000 temples in and around the city. Apart from being the centre of importance in terms of religion, this place is also a business hub. River Ganga helps the people to meet up their water needs. The presence of salty water in many areas although shows the poor drainage system of the city.

The city is spread over an area of 5000 sq. Kms. And is a very popular tourist destination. As mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari, Bhiwani was the centre of business activities even during the time of mughals.
If you visit Bhiwani, don’t forget to explore the places like “prithviraj ka kutchery”- which is the exact place where the king prithviraj chauhan hosted his darbaar. It is a popular tourist spot. Other attractions include the shrine of Lohar PIR and Khera baba. Historical locations such as Harappan mound and tombs like tomb of king Khetri are also present here.
Bhiwani is linked with other cities of the country via- a good railway network and the nearest air terminal is located in Delhi.
Do take a look at the famous markets like Lohad bazaar, Rajpoot market. Service like city bus, water, electricity is very good. The area is inhabited with all sorts of hotels restaurants and shops. Some best shops are Sanjay mithai wala or jaal wala; visit them if you are a foodie.

It would definitely be worth visiting and you won’t regret travelling and exploring the city.

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