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Panipat is a city in Haryana that lies about 168 kilometres from Chandigarh and 97 kilometres from the capital of India. The place is very well connected to all the major cities around by road, rail and air so travelling to the place is not a big deal. in fact it is convenient and comfortable.

The place is originally known for its historical importance. The historical battle of Panipat that was fought within the demarcations of Panipat adds to its importance as those battles change the course of history in India. The place has been discussed in the holy book “bhagwad gita” where the term “Dharamkshetra” is used to address the place.

Apart from this Panipat is known as the city of weavers. The handloom products made here are in great demand across the world. The innumerable historical monuments depicting the golden history of India makes it one of those Indian places that attract tourist’s in masses. Kabuli shah mosque built by Babur and on the other hand Devi temple where Hindus pay visit in large number are two religious sites which are an architectural marvel in its own right. Besides that salar gunj gate, tomb of Bu-ali shah kalandar and Kala amb must also be witnessed if you wish to see some real epitomes remarking history. Panipat also has a museum to its credit which showcases the best of contemporary art and craft, sculpture, armours etc. The old fort, an ancient fort, mostly in its ruins although, is still a sight to be seen and explored.
Dusshera is one of those festivals whose festivities and grand celebration catches everyone’s eye.

You can find a good and comfortable place to stay after a packed schedule of visiting different places of tourist’s attraction and enhancing your historical knowledge.
Don’t forget to try the ethnic wears of the innovative ideas boutique which is probably the oldest and the best place to shop within Panipat. Also let your taste bud appreciate the finest food of the Sonipat chaat bhandar and park pallawi restaurant in Ram lal chowk just beside it.

The best season to visit the place is winters when the weather is invitingly amazing and pleasant. Panipat is known as the handloom town of Haryana and is a perfect destination to have a picnic.

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