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World India Haryana Ambala
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Haryana Ambala

About Ambala

Ambala situated in north-eastern Haryana, is said to have derived its name from the Goddess Bhawani Amba, whose ancient temple still exists in the City of Ambala. The district is divided into two main sections, the City and the Cantonment, which are almost 3 kilometers away from each other. The Cantonment area was founded during the reign of the British Military in 1843 and it currently houses an imperative part of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force Base. It has a significant record of history when it comes to British colonization and tourists can witness this through places like Old British Cemetery and the century old Holy Redeemer Church.  Ambala is also a hub for rare surgical equipment and technology, it is also known as the ‘City of Scientific Equipment’s.’ The best time to visit this underrated tourist location can be any time after the monsoons ceases. 

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