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World India Punjab Ludhiana
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India Punjab Ludhiana

About Ludhiana

Ludhiana has been and always been famous on the map for being the industrial hub of Punjab. Whenever one thinks of Ludhiana, the only thing that strikes is the Oswal woolen and the Atlas cycles.  It has never been so important from tourist destination point of view. But the impression of the city is changing. Travelers are realizing that there are plenty to explore within and around the city.

 The first and foremost thing that attracts a traveler entering the city is the Ghanta Ghar. Earlier it was landmark that confirmed entering into the vicinity of city. Located bang on the Grand Trunk road it has not changed a bit since so long. Presently to ease out the traffic chaos at Ludhiana, a flyover has been built but Ghanta Ghar still stands tall and welcomes all. Take a ride on the cycle rickshaw to admire the clock tower amongst the hustle bustle of a crowded market.

Ludhiana being strategically located next to the Sutlej River is home to many forts and rest house.  It is worth a visit to Maharaja Ranjit Singh fort which is a cradle for Punjab police for training and commissioning their officers. The rest houses in vicinity also known as “Sarai” in that region would surely take everyone to that era where so many amenities and facilities were available for all the travelers on Grand Trunk road.

Another remarkable aspect associated with Ludhiana is the plethora of Gurudwaras in and around Ludhiana. All these gurudwaras are associated or related to the last Guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  Be it the Degsar Sahib or Gurudwara sahib at Machhiwarra every gurudwara has some religious significance attached to its presence. Step in the gurudwara and learn about the hardship Guru Gobind Singh ji faced to stay with his faith.

Lastly the most important place in Ludhiana where one can unwind is the complex of Punjab Agriculture University. Take a leisure walk or visit the Museum of Rural Life of Punjab in the Punjab Agricultural University to learn the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. A hospitable city indeed but is overcrowded.

Summers are warm in Ludhiana and winters are severe so it is best to visit this industrial city from September to December. And don’t forget to pick up a few good quality woolens from the factory outlets.


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