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Amritsar , Punjab

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Historical, Heritage, City, Pilgrimage
Languages Spoken
Punjabi, Hindi and English
Ideal Trip Duration
1-2 Days
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Known for its cultural and religious legacy, Amritsar is a large city in the state of Punjab. It is a city that shimmers with its divine glory. It is a city that is distinctly recognized as the holy seat of Sikhs throughout the world. With its poignant history and glorious past it showcases the secular style of life.

With Harmandir Sahib(or Golden Temple) being the focus of attention, the Golden City also has a handful of other interesting spots like the Jallianwala Bagh, Gobindgarh Fort, Durgiana Temple, Wagah Border, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum and Chand Baori. The stunning Golden Temple is considered to be the most sacred Sikh Gurudwara and houses the actual copy of the holy Guru Granth Sahib. Thousands of people visiting the Gurudwara every day, yet you'll never see it losing its enchanting aura. Jallianwala Bagh, the site of the infamous massacre of 1919, is less than a kilometer away from here. Now a national memorial, the walls are still scarred with bullet marks from the gruesome incident.

About 33 km from the city centre, lies the Wagah Border on Grand Trunk Road, which used to be the only road link between India and Pakistan. More than 2000 people come to watch the exceptionally synchronized Wagah border ceremony every day, observed by both Indian and Pakistani security forces just before sunset.

As the grand archive of the national heritage, religion and culture, Amritsar is rightly regarded as the jewel of Punjab. A renowned city of religious significance, it is filled with centers of divinity. Besides the Golden temple, Amritsar is famous for its food as well. If you are planning an Amritsar trip, you must keep it at least 2 days long so that you can see and explore all places in Amritsar. There are many options to stay, right from dharamshalas for back packers to five star hotels and resorts. Cab services are cheap and there is also a Amritsar Hop-on-Hop-off sightseeing service operating.

Being a devout center of pilgrimage, as well as having a unique collection of historically significant spots, and a watch spot of Indo Pakistan Border, Amritsar holds a distinctive importance in India. It is filled with friendly and helpful people who are devoted to their simple beliefs in life. Thus, it is but proper to regard Amritsar as a city with warmth of its own. The best time to travel to Amritsar is from November to March, when the weather is usually enjoyable and satisfying. 

Amritsar airport is only about 10 Kms from city center while Amritsar Junction railway station is also in the heart of the city.


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Travel Guide
You should be aware and respectful of the Sikh religion anywhere near a Gurudwara complex.
Travel Guide
Cover your head when you enter the Golden Temple complex. Both men and women are required to do so.
Travel Guide
Smoking, alcohol and spitting attract negative attention anywhere within sight of the temple complex.

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