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World India Punjab Gurdaspur
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India Punjab Gurdaspur

About Gurdaspur

A mere 10 km from the Indo - Pak border, Gurdaspur is a historically significant city of northern Punjab. The city was founded at the beginning of the 16th century by the Guriya Ji and named after him as Gurdaspur. The city is laid between two rivers, the Beas and the Ravi and receives a large amount of rainfall. It’s an area renowned for its natural beauty in plants, trees and animals.

The site of coronation of Emperor Akbar in the year 1556 is at Kalanaur, 26 km from Gurdaspur. The Mukteshwar temple and caves at the banks of river Ravi, believed to be built by Pandavas 5500 years ago is a must-see for all history enthusiasts. Another spot not to be missed is Dinanagar, Maharaja Ranjit Singh's best-loved summer retreat. Mahakaleshwar Temple, Achaleshwar Temple, Mosque Aqsa, Pandori Dham Temple, Dera Baba Nanak, Achal Sahib and Gurudwara Chola Sahib Dera Baba Nanak are some of the pilgrim centres in Gurdaspur.

Gurdaspur is famous as for its forts and temples, which show the battle scars of the many insurrections that have been fought here and in and around the area of the border. The area is surrounded by hill stations, which make an interesting and refreshing day out, with many opportunities for picnics and bathing in the clean and refreshing mountains streams and waters.
Some of the foods of note include fine curries such as Rogan Josh, Bhuna Gosht, Kadhai Gosht also Biryanis and Tandoris. During summer (March to May), the temperature can shoot up to 44 deg Celsius, and at times, beyond that. Winters (November to February) are mildly cold, making it the ideal time for a visit.

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