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World India Punjab Pathankot
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India Punjab Pathankot

About Pathankot

Pathankot is the city that gives way to all travelers travelling to the crown of India. Located at the Gurdaspur district, it is a must stop city when one is travelling to Jammu & Kashmir. And the best place to halt is at Madhopur which is located at the banks of Ravi River. Thronged by the local dhabhas, Madhopur offers a place to stretch oneself before restarting the journey onwards. Also famous for the Pari gardens built by the British, Madhopur offers a perfect picnic spot for all. It is worth to sit beside the irrigation canals admire the water flowing. Another attractive spot is the banks of river Ravi. Perfect place where one can sit with feet dipped in cold water and enjoy the weekend or a holiday. Also termed as a gateway of Jammu and Kashmir, Madhopur, is indeed a stop that would recoup every traveler.

Surrounded by Shivaliks and being the foothills of the Himalayas, Pathankot offers a pleasant weather all throughout the year. Travelling to Pathankot is very convenient as it is well connected by road and rail. Once inside the city it is highly recommended to sit in the specially designed autos and see the surroundings.

Pathankot has plenty of mandirs like Aashapurni, Lakshmi Naryana and mata mandir. Not just the mandirs, Pathankot has gurudwaras and vintage churches for ample admiration.

Next thing to admire and relish at Pathankot are the delicious Mangoes and Litchis. Gardens would be laden with the Dusheri Mangoes during the summer and it is a treat to eat one direct after plucking from the garden.

Pathankot provides respite to all travelers going to Vaishno devi, Dharamshala, Jwalaji, Chintpurni, Golden temple and even Chamba. Take halt to explore the surroundings and then move on with the journey.

There are plenty of medium budget hotel available at Pathankot so it seems not so heavy on one’s pocket also. Even markets like Sujanpur is a main attraction spot for all the ladies where one can buy cheap yet good quality fabric from there. 

Another place of significance is the Ranjit sagar Dam or the Thein Dam at the Ravi River. It is a magnificent and refreshing drive to the dam from Pathankot. Get inside the premises and learn about the minutest details of the hydroelectric project.

Pathankot may not be on one’s list of places while deciding on a vacation but in case you are crossing this city to go to any destination it is recommended to stop over and explore every bit of this not so glamorized city.

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