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World India Jammu And Kashmir Udhampur
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Jammu And Kashmir Udhampur

About Udhampur

Udhampur forms the district headquarters of Udhampur District. The place derives its name from Raja Udham Singh. It is the capital of the district. It acts as the transit point between Jammu and Srinagar while traveling by road. Udhampur is accessible both by road and railways:
By rail: Udhampur has a railway station of its own. Trains from major cities go up to this railway station.
By road: Frequent bus services are available to and from Udhampur.
There are a number of attractions near Udhampur:
Kali Mata Mandir : this mandir dedicated to goddess kali is a must visit and is only 9 km from Udhampur
Vaishno devi : the revered shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi is visted by hoards of people and is very popular among Hindus. The walk up the steep moutaneous ranges is a devotional aspect which cannot be missed.
Mansar lake is located within a city and a petite yet lovely attraction.

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