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World India Himachal Pradesh Kangra
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India Himachal Pradesh Kangra

About Kangra

Kangra, located in the Himachal province, is one of the most popular in the region. Upon arrival, it’s easy to see why. The whole place is surrounded with a mystifying beauty. The mountains in the background, the verdant pines blowing in the wind, the terraced tea gardens reaching up from the valley below. No one could visit Kangra and not be impressed.

Apart from marvels of the natural beauty of Kangra, it stands as the administrative center for the district, and it’s here that you’ll find the best opportunities to explore. Its local communications offer opportunity to see some astounding sights such as the Baglamukhi Temple, the Tea Gardens or Maharana Pratap Sagar.

As a small town, it can be easily traversed by foot. To cater its numerous attractions, the roads are built for easy accessibility which can be travelled by bus for a quick ride. This all adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Many hippy colonies sprung up in the area during the late 1960’s. Although they’re not as prevalent now, their influence can still be found.

The easy going and harmonious atmosphere in Kangra is delightfully stunning. Kangra, like many other towns in Himachal Pradesh, is the place to check out for an interesting culture. Its bazar has many trinkets, ornaments, local handiwork and attire that can’t be found elsewhere. This sounds very appealing to all prospective visitors.


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