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World India Punjab Jalandhar
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India Punjab Jalandhar

About Jalandhar

Located in the Grand Trunk Road, Jalandhar is one of the oldest cities in North-Western State of India called Punjab. Jalandhar also served as the capital city for the Punjab State until Chandigarh was established. The Existence of Jalandhar dates back to the 1st century. The area between Beas and Sutlej rivers, termed as Jalandhar Doab was the eastern border for the great Alexander Empire. Being a less populated city, Jalandhar is quickly urbanized in the recent years. Commercial activities are booming in Jalandhar. Jalandhar is a busy trading center for Sports Goods, Glass and Furniture industries. There are enormous hospitals in this city.

Jalandhar faced many historical happenings which include the ancient, medieval and modern time periods. Jalandhar city played a vital role in Indus Valley civilization. Kanishka Dynasty, Mughal Empire, Lodhi Dynasty, etc. which took over the control of the city in respective time periods. In modern era, Bhagat Singh played a vital role in our independence struggle and was assassinated which in turn had a huge impact over Jalandhar.

There are quite a range of hotels in Jalandhar from first class to budget hotels. Some of them are the Country Inn and Suite’s Carlson, Hotel Radisson, Ramada City Center, Hotel Maharaja residency, Regent Park Hotel, etc.

You have to taste some of the authentic Punjabi delicacies in Jalandhar like Makki Roti, Sarson da saag, Channa Batura, Shahi Panneer, Kheer Aloo Ka Paratha, Lassi and many others. Some of the best restaurants are Vijay Dhaba, Lucky Vaishno Dhaba, Radhey radhey, Havelli Restaurant, Rangla Punjab, etc.

            Fancy Jewelry, Sports Goods, Slippers called as Punjabi Jutis, Salwars and Kurtis etc can be purchased from Jalandhar.


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