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World India Punjab Bathinda
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India Punjab Bathinda

About Bathinda

'The City of Lakes', thanks to all the artificial lakes built here, Bathinda is one of the oldest cities of Punjab. Located at a distance of 225 km from Chandigarh, it offers quite a few places of interest to the tourists.

Right in the core of Bathinda city, lies Qila Mubarak which is believed to have been built between 90-110 AD. The Rose Garden spread over 10 acres houses an impressive collection of roses. You can also enjoy boat rides in the Thermal Lake with enormous chimneys in the backdrop while munching the mouth-watering Punjabi snacks. Even though several malls have topped out during the past few years, Dhobi Bazaar remains the local favorite. At night, the place is full house with anxious shopaholics and gleaming stalls on both sides of the lane. Other centres of attraction include Bahia Fort, Lakhi Jungle, Chetak Park and Zoological Garden.

Named after the great Bhati Rajput Kings, Bathinda is known as “Tabar-e-Hind" (Gateway of India). In the forests area of Bathinda, 10th Guru Sri Gobind Singh Ji fought the Mogul Army. Archaeological surveys revealed that the city was inhabited way back in 700 B.C. Bathinda has many grain and cotton markets. Some of the best educational institutes of India are located in Bathinda. Agricultural farming and industrial are the major types of employment in the locality. Since the city is a blend of various religious and cultural heritages, there are many places and monuments which provide attraction for tourists.

During summers, the temperature could easily soar up to 49 degree Celsius so it's best to visit Bathinda during the months of October to March.

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