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World India Punjab Bathinda Bir Talab Zoo
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India Punjab Bir Talab Zoo


Spanning over an area of 161 acres, Bir Talab Zoo of Bathinda is a good place to visit for children and adults alike. There is a Children Park within the premises. Lawns are well maintained and serve as picnic spots. Rides can be arranged for elders and children. The Zoo is part of protected forest area and is surrounded by tall trees. There are over 100 species of animals and birds residing in the zoo. Cheetah, Sambar Deer, Black Buck etc are few inhabitants of this Zoo in Bathinda.

Located only five kilometers away from the city of Bathinda, the Bir Talab zoo has gone through a complete makeover in the last couple of years. There's a lot more to do and see now, thanks to the Deer Safari that was opened to public only recently.

Not just Bathinda, but families from all the neighbouring cities and towns often enjoy picnics in the lawns and gardens maintained by the zoo authority. There are walk trails across the 160 acres of land, making it easier for the visitors to move around the complex. Apart from the Deer safari, there are several enclosures which shelter parakeets, peacocks and other exotics bird species. Parrots and fowls are easily spottable out in the wild as well.

Recent fundings have introduced open gypsies and battery-operated rides. The Bir Talab zoo is surely worth a visit.

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