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World India Haryana Hisar
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Haryana Hisar

About Hisar

Originally known as Hisar-e- Firoza (Fort of Firoz), Hisar was founded in 1354 by Emperor Firoz Shah Tughlaq, who played a crucial role in erecting the main city’s infrastructure.  Situated almost 164 kilometers away from Delhi, Hisar district holds a prosperous archeological, cultural and religious past in the state of Haryana. The district has hovered and survived under the reign many powerful dynasties such as the Mauryans, Tughlaqs, Sayyids, Lodis, and Mughals and then finally came under the British’s colonial invasion in nineteenth century before independence.

Travelers can witness and enjoy district’s rare and nurtured forts of varied dynasties, their shrines and even mounds belonging to the prehistoric Harappan civilization. The Hisar district impeccably satisfies the intellectual souls of people who have profound interest and a reflective outlook towards history and archeology.  The district has simultaneously also developed with a great pace in the educational division post-independence and is home to the popular Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

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