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World India Haryana Karnal
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India Haryana Karnal

About Karnal

Karnal is the city and the district head quarters of Karnal district in Haryana. The place is well known for its monuments and tourist attractions. It can be reached easily through any means. It is a three hour drive from Delhi. The city shares a mythological story where it is said to be founded by king Karna during ancient time of Mahabharata. Karnal has various research and development institutes including national dairy research institute, central soil salinity research institute, Indian agricultural research institute etc. The city is famous for its lush green pastures, production of high quality rice and manufacture of agricultural implements and its spares.

Kos minar, kalandar shah’s tomb, karan Tal, Babur’s masjid are some of the destinations which are considered to be important and attractive. Among these karna Tal is the highlight of the town with spell binding views.

Don’t miss the chance to look at the clone of taj mahal, that is, kalandar shah’s tomb made of pure white marble. The mosque within the complex was built by alamgir. The British too have left their imprints in Karnal. You can visit Karnal cantonment church tower and Christian cemetery.

Karnal golf course avails you with the opportunity to try your hand in golf. Let yourself feel relaxed for a few moments in oasis complex if you wish. There are many such scenic places in Karnal that are worth visiting. Karnal is located between Delhi and Chandigarh and so it is connected to all major cities in India.

The place is very well developed and well managed. You can find a good, affordable hotel to stay and eat the best.

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