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World India Haryana Saharanpur Chhachhrauli Fort
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Haryana Chhachhrauli Fort


Chhachhrauli Fort is situated near Karnal and is one of those old forts which are virtually engulfed by the urban sprawls and hence is visited very less. Scarcely anyone remember the legends there were ever.

Chhachhrauli Fort has a khazana room, a throne room and reception room. Every wall of the fort is painted beautifully with designs of birds flowers and court scenes of Indian kings.  Also the view of Europeans and churches are portrayed based on the illusion of the artists.

The royal family donated the fort in 1940 to the town of chhachhrauli for its own use. The fort runs two schools inside the campus that were established by the authorities. This has made the fort more alive with the noises of the children chirping all around.

Due to negligence, the fort is deteriorating at a t a quick pace. The walls have crumbled down and many paintings on the wall of the fort are missing but the beautiful architecture and the pages of history inbuilt in the structure and walls of the fort makes it even more special. You must pay a visit to the place at least once.

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