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One of the most important Pilgrimage Centers for Hindus, Haridwar is located in Uttarakhand State of Northern India. It is at this place that the Sacred River Ganges enters the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The name Haridwar literally means “A Gateway to Lord Vishnu.” Based from the Hindu Mythology, Amrit (the elixir of immortality) was spilled from the pitcher when carried by Garuda, a heavenly bird. Inspite of being a vital religious center, Haridwar is also a booming industrial area now which houses BHEL, SIDCUL, etc. in its vicinity. The culture and civilization of Haridwar is blended with both the Shaivism and Vaishanvism.

It is during the Mughal Empire when the first foundation for the city is laid. The Raja Man Singh of Amber renovated the Ganges Ghats in Haridwar. This city is mentioned in every scriptures of India right from the period of Buddha until the British onset. Alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are not allowed in this holy city. Tourists can have a pleasant stay in the hotels with suites and regular room rates. Most of these hotels are well equipped and provide comfort for tourists. Ginger Hotel, Country Inn and Suites are best among them.

Haveli Ganga Restaurant gives the feel of dining like Maharaja for tourists. The rooms are royally decorated and it relaxes us after a tiring sightseeing. Hoshiyar Puri Restaurant desserts are unique of its kind. Tourists must try the Frozen Rice Kheer in this restaurant. Parcheen Mathura Wala restaurant offer some tasteful sweets and desserts like Patisa and Rabari.

Moti Bazaar, Jwalapur, Kankhal & Bara Bazaar are often visited shopping spaces in Haridwar. Churan (a kind of digestive powder) and sweet pedas, which are available in Bara Bazaar, are more sought after by tourists. Beautifully carved God deities, Puja Utensils made up of brass, Rudraksh seeds are available in Kankhal Markets. Visitors can buy carved stone idols, colorful glass bangles, cane baskets, pickles, and Ayurvedic medicines from Moti Bazaar. Travelers can also buy some fancy jeweler sets from UP Handloom Emporium and Government Emporium. Haridwar weather is mostly pleasant except quite cold in December and January and quite hot in May and June.


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Travel Guide
During festivals, Kumbh Mela, Haridwar is jam packed. Stampedes have happened. Stay safe, avoid bridges across the Ganga.
Travel Guide
Beware of the monkeys in the city. Avoid eating bananas, peanuts, wearing glasses as monkeys can swoop down and pull it out from your grip.
Travel Guide
Respect the local religious customs, especially near the temples and while taking a holy dip. Do not litter.

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