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World India Uttarakhand Roorkee Crystal World Amusement & Water Park
3.5 ( 17 )
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Adventure, Theme park
Rs. 500 - 700
Hindi and English
Opening Hours
10.30 AM - 8 PM
Ideal duration
3 - 5 Hours
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India Uttarakhand Crystal World Amusement & Water Park


Cystal World, Haridwar is an amusement park situated at a distance of 12 KMs from Roorkee is one of the best entertainers in Roorkee today. Ranked as the best water park in all of North India and the largest in Uttarakhand, with over 40 rides including both park rides and water rides is very popular here. Park is open from from 10.30 am to 8 pm and the ticket prices varying only from INR 500 to INR 700 is something that is very beneficial for the park as the public can enjoy the facilities at a very affordable cost. If you’re done with the technological run of IIT Roorkee and places around, this place offers you the peace.

There are also events that can be held here. So, if you want a marriage or some other event, you can hold it here. This water park holds up to the reputation of the technology around and has some of the best rides possible, which comprise of the 5D motion chair, Dragon Jet, Space tower, etc. and some of the water rides like the Multi Lane Body surf, the tiger slide, gorilla slide and so on. If you make a trip to Roorkee, this has to be on your top priority list.

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