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World India Uttarakhand Mussoorie
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India Uttarakhand Mussoorie

About Mussoorie

A tranquil hill station, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand sits comfortably on a curvy mountain crease, at the foothills of Himalayas overlooking its majesty. With the ever glowing white peaks of Himalayan ranges to its north and the ever lush plains and meadows of Doon valley to its south, this place has an extensive package of scenic spots under its belt. The perfect altitude offers the perfect climate for the tourists, although the winter might be rather chilly. Places to visit in Mussoorie include Kempty Falls, Bhatta Falls, Gun hill etc.

This comely place was first discovered and founded as a summer retreat by one Captain Young of British Military, back in the 1800s. A perfect destination with an interesting composition of flora and fauna that are preserved in a brilliant atmosphere filled with majestic mountains, sweeping valleys and shimmering streams and not to mention the fantastic views of snow tipped Himalayas. This Queen of hills is also the portal to the two most revered holy destinations of northern India, The Gangotri and the Yamunotri- the starting point of the legendary rivers Ganga and Yamuna which progress through the greenery of the mountains into the expansive plains beneath.

An animated town in a splendid location, intense with tourist spots and adventure activities, this could be your dream destination for a perfect vacation. A renowned honey moon destination in India, this place also offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities.

The shops and markets that are filled with products of local artisans speak of their rich culture, and the more famous silk products of Himalayan weavers satisfy the shopping craze in you. A remarkable destination with the right mix of all dreamy qualities of a vacation spot that one could ever ask for, Mussoorie is nature’s blessing cloaked in luxury and comfort.


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