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Mussoorie , Uttarakhand

Type of Destination
Hill-station, Trekking, Scenic
Languages Spoken
Hindi, Garhwali, Kumaoni and English
Ideal Trip Duration
2-3 Days
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About Mussoorie

Nestled gracefully on a winding mountain ridge at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand beckons with its serene charm and breathtaking vistas. This tranquil hill station boasts a perfect altitude that offers an ideal climate for tourists, though winters can be chilly. With the towering snow-clad peaks of the Himalayan ranges to the north and the verdant plains and meadows of the Doon Valley to the south, Mussoorie presents a tapestry of scenic beauty that captivates visitors.

Discovered and established as a summer retreat by Captain Young of the British Military in the 1800s, Mussoorie enchants with its rich diversity of flora and fauna amidst a backdrop of majestic mountains, sweeping valleys, and glistening streams. It is rightly known as the "Queen of Hills," serving as the gateway to two revered holy sites of northern India: Gangotri and Yamunotri, the sources of the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna.

Beyond its natural splendor, Mussoorie offers a vibrant town dotted with tourist attractions and adventure activities, making it a dream destination for vacations. Renowned as a honeymooner's paradise, it boasts a variety of accommodation options ranging from cozy cottages to luxurious resorts.

The Mall Road, an enduring legacy of the British Raj, charms visitors with its colonial-style benches and lampposts, inviting leisurely strolls and shopping sprees. Happy Valley, a Tibetan settlement, entices with its markets offering local handicrafts and delectable momos. Churches like Christ Church and Kellogg's Memorial Church add to the town's cultural and historical allure.

Mussoorie's markets brim with the craftsmanship of local artisans, showcasing silk products woven by Himalayan weavers. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in paragliding, hot air ballooning, trekking, and boating on Mussoorie Lake. The Nag Tibba trek, an easy yet scenic trail, is a popular choice for weekend getaways from Delhi.

Mussoorie now offers adventure sports as well in form of paragliding and hot air ballooning. Other things to do in Mussoorie include a boat ride experience on Mussoorie Lake. Mussoorie offers lot of trekking options as well. Nag Tibba trek is the most popular easy trek in Uttarakhand and can be part of your trip itinerary. This trek is a good option for a weekend getaway from Delhi.

For panoramic views, visitors ascend to Lal Tibba in the Landour area, Mussoorie's highest point offering vistas of the town, Doon Valley, and the Himalayas. Other must-visit attractions include Bhatta Falls, Gun Hill, and Cloud’s End, while nearby Dhanaulti, just 60 kilometers away, presents another serene hill station retreat.

Located a mere 33 kilometers from Dehradun, Mussoorie is easily accessible, with Kempty waterfall a further 15 kilometers beyond. Whether you seek adventure, cultural immersion, or simply relaxation amidst nature's splendor, Mussoorie promises an unforgettable experience—a blessing of nature draped in luxury and comfort.


  1. Gun Hill: A popular viewpoint offering panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges and the Doon Valley. Don't miss the cable car ride to the top for an exhilarating experience.

  2. Kempty Falls: Cascading from a height of 40 feet, Kempty Falls is a scenic spot ideal for picnics and refreshing dips in its cool waters.

  3. Lal Tibba: Mussoorie's highest point in the Landour area, offering sweeping views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It's perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset.

  4. Mall Road: A bustling boulevard lined with colonial-style benches, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll here and soak in the old-world charm.

  5. Christ Church: One of the oldest churches in the Himalayan region, known for its Gothic architecture and serene ambiance.


  • Trekking: Explore the numerous trails around Mussoorie, including the popular Camel's Back Road and the trek to George Everest's House.

  • Adventure Sports: Engage in thrilling activities such as paragliding, zip-lining, and rock climbing.

  • Shopping: Browse through Tibetan market stalls on Mall Road for souvenirs, handicrafts, and local delicacies like momos and woolen garments.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Mussoorie is from March to June and September to November when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. Winter months (December to February) offer snowfall and a chilly climate, perfect for snow lovers.

How to Reach:

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, approximately 60 kilometers away. Taxis and buses are available from the airport to Mussoorie.

  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Dehradun Railway Station, around 35 kilometers away. From Dehradun, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Mussoorie.

  • By Road: Mussoorie is well-connected by road. It is approximately 290 kilometers from Delhi, and regular buses operate from major cities like Delhi, Dehradun, and Haridwar.

Accommodation: Mussoorie offers a range of accommodation options including luxury hotels, budget guesthouses, and cozy homestays. Some popular choices include Jaypee Residency Manor, Fortune The Savoy, and Rokeby Manor.

Local Cuisine: Indulge in local Garhwali dishes such as Aloo ke Gutke, Kumaoni Raita, and Bal Mithai, along with refreshing beverages like Rhododendron juice.

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