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World India Uttarakhand Uttarkashi
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India Uttarakhand Uttarkashi

About Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi, meaning the Kashi of north is a city of religious importance as well as the city that offers all nature fanatics a place to explore the Himalayas. Not just the Himalayas, Uttarkashi can boast of untouched and unexplored springs, waterfalls and gorgeous valleys. Being the largest town in the region it is a one stop for recouping all the essential eats and other essentials. It is located at the banks of Bhagirathi River and offers a plenty of opportunities for all adventure lovers as well as those who want to connect to God. Uttarkashi is famous for Vishwanath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and several Shiva devotees throng the temples here as well as the temples that are part of the Char Dham voyage for Hindus.

Well connected by road from Dehradun, it is not connected by Rail or Air. The nearest Railhead is Rishikesh and the nearest airport is at Dehradun. The road connecting Rishikesh and Uttarkashi is not motor able during monsoons as the mountains are prone to landslides.

Despite these entire problems, devoted pilgrims wade their way through to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva. The other temples in the vicinity are Kandhaar Devta mandir, Gangotri temple, Shani temple, Yamnotri temple, Bharav Temple and many others. Rishikesh is not just famous for the temples but for the Nehru Institute for Mountaineering, for all those enthusiasts, who want to learn the art of mountaineering!

While at Rishkesh, the journey is not complete without visit to its neighborhood. There are plenty of adjoining places like Sat Tal (seven lakes), Gangotri, Gaumukh Glacier, Kedartal and many more.  And not to forget, all the adventure lovers can indulge in adventure sports like white water and still water rafting as well as rock climbing.

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