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World India Uttarakhand Gangotri
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India Uttarakhand Gangotri

About Gangotri

Gangotri at height of 3,100mis, in its own right, is a pleasant place to visit. The cool air welcomes everyone around. The history of Gangotri is connected to the Ganges. Legend ties the river and the town together. In recent years, Gangotri has felt the strain of development, thus, visitors should take care to respect the local environment. Gangotri is around 99 Km from Uttarkashi but is worth a visit as this place is from where Ganga, the holy river, originates. At this place is the gangotri temple where the Shivlinga is submerged in the water.

As this is a holy place, vegetables are widely available for all vegetarians. However, there is no meat in Gangotri. Alcohol is also prohibited. Look out for the woodcarvings which exhibit splendid craftsmanship.

Trekking from Gangotri towards Tapovan and Gomukh is a major activity for many tourists. The Kedar Tal is a beautiful destination for trekkers. It is advised to go with a qualified guide and never trek alone. The Bhagarathi river is a source stream of the Ganges. Gangotri is at an altitude of three thousand one hundred meters in the Himalayan range. Take a guide while trekking, and take some time to relax in order to acclimatize your body to the altitude in Gangotri before hiking to higher places. Altitude sickness occurs when trekkers do not acclimatize properly.

Because Gangotri is in the hills, there is no train that passes by in this place. Instead, buses from Rishikesh or Haridwar are available to reach the area. Enjoy the majestic mountains while the bus beeps and swerves around the thin-pinned corners. Within twelve hours, you’ll be in Gangotri. The buses stop over Tehri and Uttarkashi so travelers can take a break from the journey.

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