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World India Uttarakhand Nelong Valley
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India Uttarakhand Nelong Valley

About Nelong Valley

Located just 45 KMs before Indo-Tibetan border, Nelong or Nelang Valley was opened to tourist recently in May 2015 for the first time since Indo-China war in 1962. Nelang Valley has an average elevation of more than 11,009 ft. and is a mountain desert area with high peaks and has similar climate and landscape as Lahaul and Spiti valley or Ladakh.

Nelong Valley falls within Gangotri National Park in Uttarkashi District and can be accessed from Bhairon Ghati or Bhairavghati which is only 24 KMs from here. Nelang Valley is about 315 KMs from Dehradun, capital city of Uttarkhand. Before Indo-China war, Nelang Valley used to fall on an important old trade route to Tibet.

Even when Nelang is now open to travelers, entry is restricted to just few Forest department authorized vehicles a day. So you need to consult these travel operators.  You won’t be allowed to stay inside the valley as it falls under national park. Bhairavghati, Harsil or Dharali are your best options for night stay.

There are no shops or restaurants around Nelang, so carry eatables with you.

Foreigners are still not allowed in Nelang Valley. 

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