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World India Uttar Pradesh Meerut
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India Uttar Pradesh Meerut

About Meerut

Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut is an ancient city, popular with travelers and tourists alike. The city is one of the largest in the state, and is home to the second largest cantonment in India.

Meerut is the largest producer of musical instruments in India and one of the largest for sports goods. Also, for its production of bicycles, Meerut is often dubbed ‘the peddle city’ as most of the rickshaw in the world are made here.

The town is also noted for its education, and has many schools dating back a number of years ago. Perhaps most famously, the town is associated with first war for India's independence in 1857, when the city rose to international prominence. 10th of May is still celebrated as a local holiday in Meerut.

One of the most striking aspects to the city is its Jain temple and roots which have led to one of the most celebrated Jain pilgrimage sites in India. These temples serve as the main source of tourism for the city and are as complex as they are decorative. Each one celebrating one of the many facets of the religion. There are 7 temples or structure in all. And these are located close to the city center to be reached without any problems. For those with a culinary interest, the city has a sweet tooth and is famous for its confectionaries, the Gazaks and Rewri.

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