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One can often get confused when you mention the Nau Gaza / Gaja Peer; whether it’s the one in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh or for the ones in Punjab. The term Nau Gaja has a lot of history pertaining to it. This peer is located on Dehradun NH72, just approximately 5 KMs from Saharanpur Clock Tower. It isn’t much of a tourist destination, as it is just a simple place of worship for those who believe. Both Muslims and Hindus together, come here and offer their prayers. Along with the history of the peer there’s a pondering over the length of the mazaar as well, people say it changes every time you measure it. Despite all of that, this palce is known for- along with a lot of other religious places- to fulfil all of your wishes if you ask for them whole-heartedly.

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