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World India Himachal Pradesh Mcleodganj
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India Himachal Pradesh Mcleodganj

About Mcleodganj

When you see mother nature around, milky white snow-covered peaks, Tibetan culture, delicious momos that you have ever tasted in northern India and cheerful, friendly people, the place surely is McLeodganj or McLeod Ganj.  It’s a place of pilgrimage that attracts Buddhists and interested parties from all over the world, including famous Hollywood celebrities. People visit this place, to relax and enjoy the piece this place has to offer and eventually staying here for months.

After the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959, Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, fled to India and sheltered in Mussourie later he came to McLeod Ganj. Since then McLeod Ganj has risen to an important international destination. Despite heavy snows and low temperatures in the month of Dec, Jan, Feb and March, the abode of mother nature and Center for Tibetan Administration gets tourist round the year. This being the second wettest place in India – that returns in bursts for much of the year. This place is also a coffee lover’s paradise and some of the cafes even have a significant collection of books that a customer can read while enjoying their coffee

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