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World India Punjab Patiala Qila Mubarak
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India Punjab Qila Mubarak


Qila Mubarak is the fine and exemplary piece of Sikh Palace Architecture. Initially Qila Mubarak was just a Mud Fort called “Kachigarhi”. However, a later baked brick were used in renovation and was named as “Qila Mubarak”. It was Maharaja Ala Singh who built this Qila Mubarak in 17th century. The Quila Mubarak permises consist of Darbar Hall, Raan Bass, Quila Andaroon, Sard Khana, Jalau Khana, etc. Most of the interior portions of the Qila Mubarak which is termed as “Qila Andaroon” were built by Maharaja Amar Singh. In Quila Andaroon, the walls have the paintings depicting the Hindu Mythology in Patiala Art form. There are nearly 13 royal chambers within the Quila Andaroon Permises. You can see the collections of rare cannons, swords, maces, sword of Nadir Shah, shields, and daggers of Guru Gobind Singh in the Darbar Hall. This 300 year old fort is aided by Archaelogical Survey of India, Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, World Monuments Watch  etc for it restoration works. Located in the heart of Patiala city, the palace was wrapped up by major shopping areas like Bajaj Bazaar, the Gur Mandi and Shah Nashin Bazaar.

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