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World India Delhi Old Delhi National Gandhi Museum, Delhi
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India Delhi National Gandhi Museum, Delhi


The initial work of collecting all the personal belongings, relics, books, photographs, papers, etc. of Mahatma Gandhi had started soon after his death in 1948. The National Gandhi Museum was originally decided to be built in Mumbai but then the work shifted to Delhi.  Situated opposite the Raj Ghat (the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi), it comprises of five pavilions and is full of photographs, sculptures and painting of the Mahatma.

The history of Indian freedom struggle is evident in every artifact that is on display. Gandhi being one of the biggest pioneers of the Independence movement, each and every one of his belongings hold huge historical importance and various metaphors of the struggle that earned India its freedom are visible. Mahatma Gandhi was a man with simple needs and hence all his personal items and far from grand. Objects ranging from a stone bowl to a brass plate to the clothes Gandhiji was wearing on the day of his assassination, his wooden sandals, etc. are housed in the museum. There is also a library and an information centre within the premises. A visit to the National Gandhi Museum is a humbling experience and lends us an insight into the truths and images of the Indian Freedom Struggle.

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