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World India Uttar Pradesh Aligarh
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India Uttar Pradesh Aligarh

About Aligarh

Situated in western Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh is a prominent city of the state and an important educational center of India. Aligarh is most famous for two things; the lock industry here and Aligarh Muslim University established here in 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The locks produced in Aligarh are exported all over the world whereas intellectuals produced at AMU have helped in shaping the country since the beginning.

A Cultural Exhibition popularly known as Aligarh Numaish is held every year in the month of January and February. This is a waited-upon event of the year in Aligarh, visited by vast number of people. Aligarh is located just 140 KMs from capital city of New Delhi and is the 55th largest city in India.

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