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World India Rajasthan Bharatpur
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India Rajasthan Bharatpur

About Bharatpur

Bharatpur is a sacred city in the dense forests of Rajasthan called "Ghana" since time immemorial. It has been built with strong foundation. Established by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733, it has experienced the royal persona and lifestyle. Bharatpur is one of the main anchors of the famous trio of Bharatpur, Deeg and Dholpur which formed the rich heritage of Jat history.

Bharatpur is strategically located making it an easy access for travellers. One side of it is surrounded by Gurgaon district in Haryana which is a corporate hub. Another side of it is Agra in Uttar Pradesh where the Taj Mahal is located. Another side of it is Dholpur in Rajasthan, which is an ally for a long time. Connectivity to Bharatpur is through the roads and rail. It is a wonderful experience in to drive to Bharatpur through the roads. Whether you are coming from Agra or Gurgaon or Dholpur, the roads are well maintained to provide convenience in your travel.

Once in Bharatpur, a visit to Keoladeo National Park which is also a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site is a must. The park was once the duck hunting area for the maharajas. But as the awareness increased, there was a ban levied on these precious migratory birds and the hunting area was converted to a National Park. The park is the home for migratory birds from Afghanistan, Turkey, Siberia and China. “Keoladeo” is a Hindu temple devoted to lord Shiva which is located inside the national park. This park was the only home to the Siberian cranes, but as the time passed, other species of birds inhabited the park. As recorded, there are as many as 364 species of migratory birds that are sighted in the park. Get inside the park, take a cycle rickshaw, walk or take a battery operated vehicle but enjoy every bit of the majestic aura of these birds.

Other than this national park, the Lohagarh fort is another vantage point of the city. Standing tall on top of a hilltop it is another major attraction in Bharatpur. Visit the fort and enjoy the flow of events that the fort has experienced. Majestic entrance of the fort summarizes the lifestyle and grandeur of the Maharajas of Bhartpur.

It is not very expensive to enjoy the grand hospitality of the royal villas in Bharatpur. The sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine to indulge along with the majestic scenery take you in back in the era of the maharaja or maharani, making you feel like a glorious royalty.

Check out the plethora of temples in the vicinity of the city. It helps you connect to the locals by learning their religious activities. A couple of temples to visit are Bankebihari temple and Ganga temple. Also, try to connect to the rich heritage of the Jat Maharjas of Bharatpur at the Government Museum which has systematically displayed the history and culture of the people. You surely will learn so muc in Bharatpur.

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