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World India Rajasthan Sariska
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India Rajasthan Sariska

About Sariska

Sariska is the site of a Sariska National Park or Sariska Tiger Reserve, whose history and reputation owe themselves to the Raj in the 18th century who first began using the area as a camp and base location for hunting expeditions in the area. Since then, hunting has died down, and conservation has taken its place. Sariska Tiger Reserve covers an area of 866 sq. km.

The once great hunting lodge is now a five star hotel, catering for the every need of the conservation tourists who come to get a once in a lifetime view of a Bengal Tiger. It’s encouraged for visitors to join one of the many safari tours. Or, if you wish to go it alone you can hire your own jeep at rate of around 1,000 rupees per day.

Locally, the town of Alwar is close-by. It’s from here that exploration of the further features of the area, such as the ancient temples and forts, can take place. Alwar itself has a thriving market, which presents the opportunity to browse, perhaps pick up some local fayre and the handicrafts indigenous to the area.

The specialty food is a tasty sweet known as the Kalakand: A delicious delicacy consisting of sugar, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. It’s the mainstay of the market in Alwar named after it, and one of the oldest sweets in India.

Sariska is about 200 KMs from Delhi.

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