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World India Rajasthan Alwar
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India Rajasthan Alwar

About Alwar

Alwar located in the state of Rajasthan is famous for its richness in tradition and royalty. The verdant green Aravali hills serve as a backdrop for serene lakes and invincible forts, welcoming everyone to Alwar. This city has plenty of sightseeing places to offer as well as natural treasures to cherish. If you are looking for a vacation combining fun, adventure, culture, music and lots of rich heritage to delight upon, Alwar is the perfect choice.

Its prehistoric and historic sites pull everybody to admire the grandeur as well as the experience the historical memory that speaks for itself. Alwar is recorded as the oldest kingdom of Rajput kingdoms of Rajasthan. Not just the Rajput kingdoms but the Pandavas as well as Viratnagar dynasty dating back to 1500 B.C. are also the contributors of the cultural heritage of Alwar. The Pandavas made Alwar their home during the last few years of their 13 years exile. With such rich heritage to explore and so much to offer, one can spend days exploring the city of Alwar without getting bored.

Alwar is always on the list of the busy Delhi metro dwellers as a perfect getaway weekend destination. Being just 163 km away, weekends are the times when tourists rush in from the neighbouring cities to unwind and relax. Alwar is well connected by the state of art roads and railways. To further boost the tourism in this place, railways offers a trip to Alwar on a train that has an oldest working engine in the world called the fairy Queen.  The trip to the city that brings forth the regal sense of life.

Alwar is always on the list of all the avid travelers because of the Alwar fort, Bhangarh fort, etc. For wildlife enthusiasts, it is important to stop over Sariska and see the Bengal tigers at the Tiger reserve. The route that the safari jeeps take is simply mesmerizing as one can spot other species like deer, neelgai, wild boars and many others. Your tourist guides can help you locate the Bengal tigers. Take a short break to freshen up at the guard post and get a surprise visit by the eagles. They can sit on your hands while you take a picture with them. Isn't it amazing?

Once you are in Alwar get a taste of the Rajasthani cuisine as well the dessert that has brought Alwar a worldwide recognition. The “Kalakand” which is also known as the milk cake is a delicacy to entice your mouth. Savor the food and treasure memories with tigers and eagles in Alwar.

With Thar just a stone throwaway distance, Alwar can be really warm during summers so the best time to explore Alwar is during winters only. Even to spot the Bengal Tiger the best time of the year is during winter. And yes don’t forget to enjoy the Rajasthani folk dance which will surely take you to the world of extravaganza and will unify your soul to this magical land.

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Jul 04, 2015
Stay in on of the resorts on the outskirts of city on way to Sariska. Stay away from hustle-bustle & make most of both Alwar and Sariska
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Jul 04, 2015
Siliserh Lake is a great place to go in evening. Though the palace is not in great shape now, you can still have chai/coffee & Samosa with great view.
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