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Sawai Madopher was founded in 1765 AD and named after its founder Sawai Madopher Singh. The Ranthambor Fort has been under control of Jaipur’s rulers since the fifteenth century.

Viewing tigers at the Ranthambor National Park is the most renowned activity for visitors to this area. From the relative safety of the jeep visitors can see the tigers relaxed and in their natural habitat. There is a plethora of temples in the city too. Not being a major tourist town in its own right, the selection of cuisine in the city is not extensive. To eat local, head down to the Sawai Madophur bazaar and eat honest local food in unpretentious cafes. For something more upmarket, hotel meals may be the way to go.

The Man Sarowar Dam is a little visited attraction. It is fifteen kilometers from Sawai Madophur. Guavas from this region are called ‘Madophur Guavas’ in Rajasthan. There are several styles of local dance, too, including the Ghoomar dance and the Sawai Madophur dance. Several festivals take place here, and the largest is the Ganesh Chaturthi Fair.

When in the National Park, it is important to respect the wildlife; not only is it right but it also ensures safety. Teasing animals through stone throwing or horn beeping may well lead to attack. Walking in the National Park is forbidden. Sawai Madophur is best reached by train. The train station is well served by trains from Delhi and other parts of India. Fly into Jaipur or Delhi and take the train from there.

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Ranthambor National Park remains shut for tourists in the monsoon months of July, Aug and September.

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