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Known for its royal heritage Gwalior has a historical importance and is a major city of Madhya Pradesh. This city’s past continues to ignite its present and undoubtedly will illuminate its future. Gwalior, a city of unmatched royalty, a regal emporium of tourism where one can find the finest of castles, the most stunning palaces and legacy that still appears to be immortal.

For the lovers of tradition this city is bound to be a delight. Many historical buildings from the glorious past are located in this city which makes it quite famous amongst tourists. It is a city of exciting and beautiful museums, temples and palaces all over which make visit to Gwalior a great experience.

If there's one thing you cannot miss out on in Gwalior, it is the Gwalior Fort that is crafted with intricate architectural details that enthralls the visitors. Man Singh Tomar’s Gwalior Fort, so conspicuous that even the most unobservant slow down to take a look. Unconquerable, is an understatement, this fort has been an asylum for diverse dynasties over the past centuries. Sandstone citadels of the castle adorn a dominant Hindu style of architecture with some Muslim embellishments during the Mughal Reign. The Natyamandir in the Dal Bazar is an excellent stage for showcasing talents in the house of drama. The city has one of the best museums in the country namely Gujri Mahal, Jai Vilas Palace that are stunning displays of Tuscan, Italian and Corinthian styles.

The ostentatious Jai Vilas Palace was built under the guidance of Jayaji Rao Scindia in 1874. Designed in European architectural style (Tuscan, Italian-Doric and Corinthian) by Sir Michael Filose, this mammoth is still the residence of the Scindia nobility and a significant section of the palace is altered into a museum filled for tourists. The museum is ornamented with the most unbelievable furnishings, paintings, artifacts and the twin Belgian Chandeliers at the exquisite Durbar. In quiet air of the Muhammad Ghaus complex still lingers of the melodious voice of Akbar’s Tansen. The Tomb of Tansen is located in the surrounding area of his musical guru’s tomb. There lies tamarind tree in the vicinity, it is said that one’s voice is enhanced after eating it. It is worth a chance for all those who sing, in the bathroom.

The Tomb of Rani LakshmiBai in the Phool Bagh neighborhood of Gwalior, and around 60 kilometers away from Gwalior rests the holy hill of Sonagiri embroidered with Jain Temples belonging to the 9th and 10th Century.

Travelers can have change of scene from all that overwhelming history, Tighra Dam, a relaxing place to hangout is located on the periphery of the city, Madhav National Park horded with various fascinating wildlife species, the Chambal River Sanctuary which is illustrious for its sly crocodiles lurking in the murky waters.

The Tigra Dam, 23 Kilometers is huge and the sight of migratory birds makes it an ideal picnic spot. Gwalior holds an unparalleled reputation in music and has retained Indian traditions since centuries. However the place does not hold much for those who seek a thrilling vacation and is more of a city that displays cultural heritage and provides historic glimpses into the past. If you are perhaps a History enthusiast or a lover of age old grandeur then the city is your paradise.

One can buy carpets, wall hangings, artifacts, Chanderi saris and other interesting items as the city is full of souvenir according to everybody requirements. Gwalior is 320 KMs from Delhi and 425 KMs from state capital Bhopal.

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Mar 10, 2014
There not many restaurant options around most monuments. So either carry some eatables or plan accordingly.
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