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World India Madhya Pradesh Guna
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India Madhya Pradesh Guna

About Guna

Guna is a city in the district of Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is one of the most important and developing cities in the state. This city is situated in the north eastern region of Malwa Plateau and is enclosed by the River Parbati. The climate is subtropical which is characterized by hot summers ( late March - early July), humid monsoons (late June - early October) and cool dry winters ( early November - late February ). On an average, the highest temperature reached every year is 35o C- 37o C and the lowest temperature falls to around 5o - 7o C. This city is dominated by Hindus as they form 83% of the total population and the main languages spoken here are Hindi and English. Guna is well connected by trains and roads. Therefore, reaching Guna should not be a problem. Some of the main tourist attractions are Hanuman Tekri, Bajrangarh Fort, Jainagarh, Bees Bhuja Devi, Panchmukhi Hanuman Ashram and Christ Church. Guna is a good enough place for short visits.

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