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World India Madhya Pradesh Guna Bajrangarh Fort
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India Madhya Pradesh Bajrangarh Fort


Bajrangarh Fort also known as Jharkon is located in the village of Bajrangarh near Guna, Madhya Pradesh. It is at a distance of 10 km from the main city of Guna. Built at an altitude of 92.3 m, it can be easily spotted. It was built by the rulers of Maratha in 1775. However, during the rule of Raja Jai Singh, the fort was attacked in 1816 by the General sent by Daulatrao Scindia. In the war, Raja lost and the fort was destroyed. The fort is in ruins but four structures inside the fort, Moti Mahal, Bajrang Mandir, Ram Mandir and Rang Mahal are still unharmed and are a site of attraction. The fort also has a big well which was used for storing water for horses. An ancient temple inside the fort is often visited by locals. Though in ruins, Bajrangarh Fort attracts many history enthusiasts.

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