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World India Uttar Pradesh Rampur
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Uttar Pradesh Rampur

About Rampur

Rampur city is located in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh state, India. It is known for the Nawabs and the literature as well as several forms of art. The rich heritage and diverse culture of the city attracts thousands of visitors every year in the region. It has a great historical heritage woith a collection of Mughal miniature paintings and other kinds of architecture. Rampuri cuisine is famous all over north India and is a part of the Mughalai tradition created in Royal Families dishes with recipes passed on from the royal kitchen, Rampuri fish, Rampuri Korma, Rampuri mutton kebabs, are some of the important dishes here. Places to visit in Rampur include The Jama Masjid and Rampur Raza Library.

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