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World India Uttar Pradesh Bareilly
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India Uttar Pradesh Bareilly

About Bareilly

Bareilly is a town founded by the Mughals in the 16th century. They used it as an administrative and military center for the surrounding Ganga planes and valley. The city attracted many Afghan settlers and eventually, it became increasingly unstable with the fall of the Mughals.

There was a great deal of struggle between various factions and leaders in the area, thus becoming known as the "town of 25 kings."

The town has many temples and been popularized with the products it specializes. Bareilly ships bamboo and camphor to the rest of India and outside the country. It also manufactures high quality furniture.

The city is renowned for its food loving population and visitors can find many eateries. The specialty of the town is the Seekh Kabaabs, a ground beef mixed with herbs and spices which are roasted over charcoal or "Imli." It is very delicious. All visitors should try this sumptuous dish.

Perhaps another thing which makes the city famous is its cultural influence in music. It has been mentioned in several Bollywood productions the musical genres of jhumka and kajra. These, amongst other things and such as 6 Shiva temples in the town where people stop by to pay homage, draw many visitors to the city.

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Bareilly is quite famous for bamboo furniture work and also Kazal or Surma. Check out local bazaar for some deals.