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World India Uttarakhand Almora
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India Uttarakhand Almora

About Almora

Almora is a town over the hills and away from the reaches of rail transport. Almora was ruled by the Chand dynasty in 1744. In 1790, it was conquered by the Gurkhas who ruled it until the arrival of the British.

Due to its geographic location, many writers, artists, hippies and yogis graced the town through the years. Each has enjoyed Almora in his own way of living. In the friendly guesthouse courtyards, many travelers read and chat all throughout the day. You can walk around the town to explore the bazaars and temples, as well as walk on the mountain roads to watch cows lope in the forest.

Sweet shops can be found on the main road in Almora. There are many awesome restaurants offering typical northern cuisine.Swami Vivekenanda spent time in Almora. He later became famous for introducing yoga to the west. Gandhi also commended the health giving benefits of Almora.

For those who prefer basic accommodation, the Kailas Hotel in central Almora is run by the smiling, enigmatic Mr. Shah. He will tell you stories about the people of Almora, the days of the British Raj, and his friendship with Mahatma Gandhi.

This is a town crammed with temples and back alleys. Dogs snooze by the roadside. Wander the town and you can be sure someone will talk to you. Almora’s speciality is its people and its fresh, clean air. You can always meet good friends in Almora.

There are buses available coming from Delhi and other major north Indian transport centers. The winding roads can be dangerous for walking alone. Better look out for cycling or renting a motorbike to use while passing through the alleys. 

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