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World India Uttarakhand Munsiyari
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Kumaoni, Garhwali, Bhotiya & Hindi
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India Uttarakhand Munsiyari

About Munsiyari

Munsiyari is a wonderful hill station located in Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand. It is still sort of a hidden gem among the many hill stations in India. Munsiyari is situated close to tri-junction of India, Tibet and Nepal borders. In olden days, Tibet supplied salt to the entire Himalayan region through the route. It is booming as a favourite trekking destination in North India thanks to many treks originating from here. It lies in midst of white serene peaks of Himalayas.

At an altitude of 2298 meters, Munsiyari offers the visitors a spectacular view of Panchachuli peaks. This is one of the main attractions of the hill station. Panchachuli is five peaks looks like chimneys in Kumaon Himalayan Region. The snow-capped peaks have the alluring effect to pull every traveller to this little heaven of Kumaon. Munsiyari literally means the place with snow, it is also known as “Little Kashmir”.
Adventure enthusiasts and high altitude trekkers love this place as it is the base for Ralam, Milam and Namik Glaciers. The place serves as base opening up routes to several treks into interior Himalayas. Two main trekking routes are Milam Glacier (59 kms) and Ralan Glacier (45 kms).
Witnessing the popularity and a good number of visitors, the Uttarakhand government has started promoting this destination now. Hiring a guide is advisable if you want to go on a day hike to make sure you don’t get lost in your way through the forest. The travellers can have highly delicious Kumaoni and Indian dishes from dhabas in nearby villages.

Munsiyari is surrounded by lush green vegetation. This Himalayan green forest is habitat to different varieties of wildlife. Such as whistling thrush, wagtail, hawk cuckoo, serpent eagle and falcon, leopard, mountain bear and musk deer.

Birthi Falls, one of the lovely waterfalls in the Kumaon valley, can be seen on the way to Munsiyari. It is located 35 km away from the hill station. You will have to do a small trek to reach this area. Rare varieties of sparrows and butterflies can make the tourists rethink before leaving here.
Munsyari boasts of appreciation from mountaineers, trekkers and for those seeking a break from the mundane in the nature’s lap. The place is blessed in rich and varied flora and fauna the memories of the visual treat stay with you for a lifetime and keep calling you back to Munsyari. No wonder it is serving as a brand ambassador for tourism in Uttarakhand now pulling people in from all walks of life, from all parts of the world.
Well, it is more appealing to travel and seek one's self, and this makes the journey a never ending yet fondly cherished experience. There’s nothing like running for the hills. It is from this journey that one can soak up and absorb so much that it is no less than the pleasure of an affair with one’s own self.

Although Munsiyari can be visited throughout the year, best time to visit Munsiyari is from March to June and September-October. Munsiyari weather gets quite cold in winters while summers are quite pleasant. Summer sees max temperature of 25 degree Celsius while in winters lowest goes to -3 degree Celsius.

Munsiyari hotels do not offer a very wide variety but you would get decent options from home stays to luxury cottage stays.

Delhi to Munsiyari is a long journey of about 16 hours and is 560 Kilometers.

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