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Known as the orange capital and pollution free capital of India, Nagpur is located roughly in the center of India in the valley of the river Nag, which flows through the city. Many visitors will find Nagpur an unexpected highlight to their visit to the central region. Its zero distance markers letting you know clearly that you’re really in the middle of things. From here you might decide where you want to go next, or maybe have a look at the other attractions around the city.

It’s also known as the "Tiger Capital," that’s not to say that you will find the streets filled with tigers, but if you wish to see them in their natural habitat, this is where to come. The city is located between the parks of Taboda, Pench, Nagzira, Melghat and Kanha. Tourism for tigers, or "eco-tourism" as it is dubbed, is a growth industry in this city. This has been helped by the Sonegaon airport being given international status in 2005.

As you’d expect from the 14th largest metropolitan area in India, it’s from here that you can find great shopping. Nagpur is home to over 10 malls and shopping centers. The home of industry and commerce in the district, it also houses one of the largest confectionary plants in India.

The food here is known as Saoji cuisine. Very spicy, Saoji curry either vegetarian or chicken is the cities specialty dish. One must try it to taste its uniqueness.

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Travel Guide
The city doesn’t have good transport system. Travelers are at the mercy of local auto rickshaws who overcharge excessively even for small distances.
Travel Guide
Nagpur has a very dry or semi-humid climate throughout the year except the monsoon. The best time to visit would be between November and January.

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