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Amravati is the 7th most populous city in the state of Maharashtra which is 156 km away from Nagpur – orange city of India. It is named after a very old Ambadevi temple situated in the city, the term Amravati is taken from Sanskrit and it means “Abode of Immortals”. Legend has it that lord Krishna and Rukmini ran away on the eve of her wedding ceremony, and to enable their escape Krishna used a tunnel from Ambadevi temple to another spiritual place in Amravati known to be Koundinyapur.

Amravati is famous for its rich history, arts, literature, culture, industrial growth, educational opportunity, pilgrimage, endless beauty coupled with grand festivities round the year. Amravati is surely a land which has a perfect blend of everything in and around it- to offer to all those who come all the way here to seek it. As it is well connected to all major cities and towns, it makes it easy for people to travel down this place either by bus, train or plane (airport 15km away Amravati) depending on the distance from the place they reside .The best time to be here is during comfortable winters which fall in during the months November to February.

The major tourist attractions of Amravati are Ambadevi temple, Devi point, Hurricane point, Melghat tiger reserve, Chikaldara Museums and Sridhar temple. There are a few private hotels other than government rest houses available in the city namely Mehfil inn and Gouri inn, they provide basic facilities. The language used here is more of Marathi mixed with Hindi. Knowledge of either of the two languages is a must to travel without any difficulty if you are planning to travel without a guide. Amravati tends to offer great shopping deals, so make sure you carry ample money. We suggest you spent a minimum of 5-6 days here, because this place is truly worth it. Have lots of fun and enjoy the experience of being here.

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