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World India Maharashtra Amravati Gawilghur Fort, Chikhaldara
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India Maharashtra Gawilghur Fort, Chikhaldara


This historically significant place Gawilgarh Fort (Gawilghur or Gawilgad ) was the mountain stronghold of the Maratha Empire during the British rule in India.  The constant repulsion and war raged against the Britishers by the mighty Marathas led to a situation where the Britshers had to shed away their idea of taking over this place .while we learn the history of this place we should not forget to visit the very famous gawilgadh fort situated in Chikhaldara in Amravati district of Maharashtra.

The most noticeable features of Gawilgarh fort are – its Persian inscriptions, two lakes, teen darwazey (3 gates), a ruined mosque inside the fort which was built using pathan style of architecture, several unrepaired breeches. This visit surely tends to offer an experience that nothing created newly could provide us. Its sheer beauty, ancient history, scenic locations nearby and the whole aura of the place will surely leave each of its visitors mesmerized. Entry to this fort is open on all days. If you would like to understand everything about the fort make sure you take a guide along. Home stays available at Chikhaldara namely Harshvardhan Hotel which provides minimum facilities and Jai Bhavani tourist hotel very close by. Enjoy the experience of being in a place rich in history, beauty, architecture and culture.

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