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World India Maharashtra Amravati Gugamal National Park
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India Maharashtra Gugamal National Park


Gugamal National Park was built in the year 1974 in the Amravati city situated in the state of Maharashtra. This place is 225 km away from Nagpur. It covers an area of 1673 sq. kms. The park is rugged, dry and has a hilly terrain, which is entirely covered with bamboo .It is an integral part of Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Gugamal National Park provides visitors an opportunity to sight different type of snakes, monkeys ,squirrels ,bears, deer’s ,antelopes ,fishes , butterflies, crocodiles ,cat family  , variant plants ,trees and shrubs. The ideal time to be here is during the month of April and May. The entry timings are from 7am to 6pm on all days. The place offers visitors a wonderful place for sightseeing, great photography amidst nature and its creations. Stay available at Amravati city itself namely in hotels like Mehfill Inn and Gouri inn which have basic facilities is Enjoy the experience of being here.

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