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World India Maharashtra Amravati Melghat Tiger Reserve
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India Maharashtra Melghat Tiger Reserve


The famous Melghat Tiger Reserve is located in the city of Amravati in Maharashtra .This reserve consists of thick forests, extensively rich biodiversity, varied habitats, many rivers and representative ecosystems which enables conserving this endangered animal (Tiger -our national animal) .This covers an area of 2029.04 sq.kms. The term Melghat means meeting of the ghats.

Other than tiger this reserve is famous as an eagle sanctuary .The Gurgarnal national park situated in Amravati itself is a part of this reserve. The best time to visit this reserve is during December to march .As this is a reserve and not a zoo no one can assure you, on the chances of you seeing the animals. While one is a reserve remember that you happen to enter their territory which is wild just like them so take really good care of yourself and be safe –make sure you travel with a guide and carry all essentials before going for the jungle safari .One needs to contact reserve officials to book guides, stay and jeeps prior in advance filed director phone no: 0721-662792. Enjoy the experience with photo sessions, bird watching and safari, have lot of fun being so close to wild animals. Be safe stay good and enjoy!

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