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World India Mizoram Aizawl Vantawng Falls
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India Mizoram Vantawng Falls


Mizoram's highest falls, Vantawng Falls are located about 137 KMs from Aizawl and 5 kms from the village of Thenzawl  in Serchhip district and are one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Mizoram. Surrounded by lush greenery and difficult stoney terrain, approaching close to these falls is difficult. But a viewing post set up nearby by the tourism department makes it possible for the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of Vantawng Falls. With water from Vanva river gushing from 750 ft, Vantawng is the 13th highest waterfall in India.

The falls get their name from Vantawng, a remarkable swimmer who could swim like a fish in the water collected at the base of the fall, but was tragically killed by a drifting log. Originating from Vanva river, these falls are believed to be 230 mts in height. Bamboo groves surround these waterfalls and the terrain is a little difficult. A viewing post at the top erected by the tourism department makes it possible for visitors to enjoy these waterfalls.

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