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World India Mizoram Aizawl
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India Mizoram Aizawl

About Aizawl

Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram and also its largest city. Lying on the foothills of Durtlang Hills, Aizwal overlooks the beautiful valley of Tlawng river. A meaningful break from the repulsive honking and heat to the much needed necessary healing and happiness, Aizawl is all a traveler fantasies about. One should not miss an opportunity to saunter in the midst of this vibrant city of highlanders huddled up in the mountains.

Shopping in Aizawl is an experience which shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. Travelers can shop to their heart’s content in local markets of Bara Bazaar, the best place for the color enthusiasts; Solomon’s Cave and the Millenium Centre, a city mall. Travelers can visit the State Museum of Mizoram (established in 1977), in the city which displays a miscellaneous collection of souvenirs belonging to various tribal communities, giving a profound insight about the cultural past of the place. Tam Dil (The Lake of Mustard) in Saitual, is 110 kilometers away from the city of Aizawl and is not only famous for its gorgeous reservoir but also the romantic legend associated with it. 

There are daily flights to Aizawl from Kolkata and Guwahati. It can also be reached by road from Shillong, Guwahati and Silchar. Visitors to Aizawl go to Durtlang Hills, Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, Tamdil Lake, Burra Bazar, Mizoram State Museum, Vantawang Falls and Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary.

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