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World India Madhya Pradesh Pachmari
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India Madhya Pradesh Pachmari

About Pachmari

Pachmari or Panchmarhi is a little known hill station located about 195 KMs from the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. The city is situated at an altitude of 1067 feet in the Satpura range. The development of the city of Panchamri is indebted to Captain Forsyth, who was a part of the British empire. The city is a combination of rocky terrains, woody and dense forests and deep canyons.

The town is a mix of different elements for the travelers; it has a historical monument, mythological legacy, adventure activities and serenity under one roof. Archeological travelers all over the world come to panchmari to visit Handi Khoh, Pandava caves and JataShankar caves. The caves in the Mahadeo Hills are a symbol of astonishing rich rock paintings. For adventure lovers, you can go on a jungle walk or even do a mountain trek. The city is a home for thousands of pilgrims coming to visit the chota mahadeo temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Panchmari offers a memorable shopping experience for the travelers. The city has a number of textile options to choose from such as chanderi, Maheshwari and cotton cloth. The beautiful lush green mountains encircled by waterfalls, cave temples and thick foliage are as if a dream comes true for most of the travelers. 

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