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Situated in the north Tripura, it can be approached from Panisagar and is adjacent to the national highway. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is a small sanctuary covering an area of only 0.86 square kilometers and it is one of the few remnants of the natural forests left that is easily accessible to the visitors.

The sanctuary is a paradise for botanists, environmentalists, ecologists and people who have deep interest in wildlife. It harbors more than 150 species of birds, wild beasts and primates. The sanctuary is also famed for its rich growth of medicinal herbs, fodder, orchids and other horticultural plants. The site was originally chosen for having tall trees with thick undergrowth, which was assiduously protected by some ‘Khasi’ tribal families for cultivation of pan (betel leaves). This also provided perching place for a multitude of birds.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is easily accessible by road through Panisagarh, about 150kms away from Agartala via buses or auto/taxi services. In spite of the small area covered , it has a potential for development as a center of awareness generation in the northern parts of Tripura through regular organized visits of the school children, college students and other people including the tourists from within the state as well as from outside.

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