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People often wonder about animal behavior at night and wish to see them up close. Well, Night Safari, Singapore allows you to do just that! Unlike the typical nocturnal house, which reverses the day-night cycle of animals to ensure their activeness by day, the Night Safari is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night. The zoo can be explored on foot through walking trails or via tram. The wildlife ranges from flying squirrels, rhinos, tarsiers to otters and foxes. 

Cultural performances are a regular here which include tribal dances, blowpipe demonstrations and fire eating displays. Creatures of the Night, is a show put up by the animals and serves as a crowd pleaser. The antics of the binturong, civet & particularly the otter with its cute recycling habits are sure to bring about smiles. Visitors can also gorge on gourmet meals on the move on the Cocktail Safari Express and Gourmet Safari Express.

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