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World Sri Lanka Northern Province Jaffna
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Northern Province Jaffna

About Jaffna

Jaffna is the artistic town of Sri Lanka and the northernmost area of the Island. Inevitably, decades of war, evacuation, prohibitions and loss of life and property have intensely affected this notable Tamil town. Gradually but surely reemerging as a fortress of Hindu customs, art and artistic culture, Jaffna is yet again welcoming visitors and appearing to ascend again.

Jaffna city is jade and leafy, with gorgeous palm-shaded colonial-era border and stunning temples and churches. But you’ll be pleased about Jaffna more for its insights into the Tamil people. There is a busy and attractive Nallur Temple which is has its own importance to look. Don't fail to spot the Jaffna ice cream, the sweetest in the entire world. The city is also a perfect foundation for incursions to the peaceful islands just to the west, and journeys along the shoreline and lagoons of the adjacent peninsula.

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