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World Sri Lanka Northern Province Jaffna Nilavarai Bottomless Well
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Northern Province Nilavarai Bottomless Well


As suggested by its name, Nilavarai Bottomless Well is famous for being bottomless, though it is not literally bottomless. It is just called so because it has water throughout the year, it does not dry up even during droughts! You can pump water from it for several hours without the fear of emptying it. It is a very popular attraction in Jaffna. An interesting thing to note is that the first 40 feet of the water in this well is fresh which turns saline thereafter.

This well has a rather fascinating legends attached to it, almost all of it tracing to the Ramayana. According to this legend, Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, on the way to India was felt thirsty but there wa no water to be found anywhere. Lord Ram shot an arrow on the earth, thus creating a well. Many people believe this to be the origin of the Nilavarai well.

The presence of fresh water which eventually turns to salty bears evidence that this pond is attached to the sea. Many people believe it is connected to Keeramalai Springs, while some other believe that the fresh water is supplied through a tunnel all the way from Matale.
The interesting history of this place and the uniqueness of this well make it worth the visit. Something diverse and unbelievable!

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